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I was a guest on the #TwitterSmarter Twitter chat

I was honored to be a guest of the #TwitterSmarter Twitter chat talking about my favorite topic, life-work balance. The chat is hosted by Twitter rockstar and marketing expert Madalyn Sklar, and it’s one of the most prestigious chats on Twitter. We had a great conversation with her community of marketers and entrepreneurs on how to achieve life-work balance, how to practice self-care, and how to thrive in their business thanks to better nutrition, proper sleep, and regular exercise, and their golden hour.

[bctt tweet=”All about #LifeWorkBalance from the #TwitterSmarter chat with @SabrinaCadini #CreativeEntrepreneurs ” username=”SabrinaCadini”]

If you missed the chat, no worries! Below is the recap for you – Great insights and a lot of inspiration for you to change your life!

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