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Best wishes for a Happ(ier) New Year

We’re (finally!) leaving a year to remember (or to completely forget). 2020 has been different for many reasons, from the COVID-19 pandemic to a new normal in the way we live and work. We were forced to change our habits, our perspective, and our mindset. My word for 2020 was RESET, it certainly was a perfect match… However, this year made me stronger and allowed me to focus more on myself, on my family, on my friends, on my time availability, and I rediscovered my love for simple things.

If you’re like me, positivity helped a lot in 2020. Many had to deal with a lot of losses: loved ones, jobs, special occasions; we had to distance ourselves (something very hard to do for us human beings), and it’s not done yet. With all this still going on, I feel truly blessed for making it through 2020, and maybe you do, too. You probably feel more like a winner than a survivor. Human touch was missed, but we managed to keep in touch by using technology more than ever, and we were able to adapt and be more flexible every day, finding new strategies to navigate through the obstacles and succeed. Our creative minds are extraordinary.

Congratulations on making it through this difficult and challenging year, and thank you for your continued support as a client, as a precious connection, as a social media follower, or as a reader of this blog. Your presence in my life means a lot to me, and I will be forever grateful. I hope my guidance and inspiration helped you ease the pain and still thrive in 2020.

My best wishes for a prosperous, peaceful, balanced, and successful 2021, and thank you for including me in your journey. May 2021 bring back the joy and those hugs and smiles that we couldn’t enjoy this year.

Be more, do less, and live life fully!

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