sabrina cadini set the foundation for your best year yet 2017 2018 entrepreneurs creatives business productivity coach goal setting

Set the foundation for your best year yet

sabrina cadini set the foundation for your best year yet 2017 2018 entrepreneurs creatives business productivity coach goal setting

What are you celebrating about 2017? December is usually the perfect month to sit down, reflect on the year, analyze what worked and what didn’t, and start focusing on 2018. I hope you really had the time for this exercise in December because it’s very helpful to see where you are and where you’re headed.

What I really like about this exercise is that I can truly enjoy the process and really appreciate what I’ve done so far, what I accomplished until now, how I impacted the people in my life, and how I impacted the choices I’m making for my future. We’re constantly evolving as individuals and professionals, we’re constantly creating experiences for our clients, and our journey inspires us to do more and better every single day.

Did you accomplish anything extraordinary this year? Or, do you still have any unfulfilled goals or dreams that you need to work on? Why didn’t they work? What was the reason? Fear? Too unrealistic? Not that important? Not enough time? Did they require financial investment? How much? Not enough details available? Why not? Not enough focus (too much going on)? Take a close look at marketing, sales, customer service, bookkeeping, etc. Try to analyze every single detail of your business.
Don’t stop at your business goals, you should also look at your accomplishments or failures in your personal and physical areas. Were you able to dedicate enough time to your family? Were you able to shed some extra pounds?

What I don’t want you to do is getting stressed for these unfulfilled dreams or unachieved goals because stress is not good and it doesn’t play to our advantage. So we need to reverse that and put you in control of your life. Also: stress, believe it or not, can be caused by different things, not only too much work or a stressful day. It could be caused by what you eat, by how you sleep, or by lack of exercise. When you take into consideration your body and mind and you take care of yourself you become a happier and more productive person. By the way, I share everything about life-work balance on Fridays here on Periscope and on Facebook Live on my business page at Sabrina Cadini Coaching and I invite you to join me every week and start living better.

When you identify your wins and your failures I want you to use all of them to your advantage to rise to success in 2018. Remember: your failures are not negative experiences, they are learning experiences, and you should look at them as such. These include negative reviews from clients (we talked about this a few weeks ago) and they can be an excellent source of feedback to improve and grow. They give you the opportunity to make the appropriate changes in your life. Next time you will be one step closer to perfection!

So, now go ahead and celebrate, you deserve it! This year you worked so hard for yourself, for your clients, you made their dreams come true, you made it possible. All this thanks to your knowledge, your expertise, your dedication, your passion. Don’t underestimate your special powers – we tend to look at the negative things about ourselves but we don’t realize that we are successful in our business because we are good. We are not perfect, we’re just human beings, but WE ARE GOOD!

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Once you know how 2017 worked for you, ask yourself: What is the one thing that you wish for in 2018? I’m not talking about a New Year’s resolution, it should be something that you really want to work on next year. Something that will improve your life and will bring major changes to your relationships, your business, your future.
Think about where you want to improve. Maybe there’s an area in your life that lacked this year.

Is it relationships? You should find more time to spend with friends and family. I know it’s hard but you can do it with a little more organization. In your business? Work on creating collaborations and you can grow stronger in the industry, increase your visibility, and reach a wider audience.

Is it adding new clients? Look closely at your ideal client or client avatar, and find out what you didn’t offer to them. Or maybe, you need to start preparing for Generation Z… I can see your face now, “not again… another generation coming? I’m just getting used to Millennials and now we have a completely new generation knocking at my door… Really?” Yes! These girls and boys will be graduating from college in a few years, and they will probably change the way we do business once again.

Is it mastering your social media presence? OK, I have to say this: start live streaming and be consistent with it! You have no idea how live streaming can truly make a difference in your business. Your clients will see who you are, what you have to share, how you interact with them. When you have emotionally connected customers you can win their trust more quickly and more deeply, they will get to know you better and they will buy from you more often. You create a more personal relationship which is what’s needed today.
If you need help with live streaming I’m here to help. As you know, I have a huge experience with live streaming for my business and I also have courses designed to help you, whether you’re a beginner or you tried live streaming and you need to step up. You can find them in my Shop. I will share everything about the best techniques to win your clients, tools to use, and options to monetize your broadcasts.

I really hope 2018 will be your best year yet. Just make this possible by setting goals that are realistic, by creating effective systems, and most of all – by focusing on being productive, not busy. You need to get something out of your long work day. Find the right workflow and be the best in your industry!

I’d like to wish a Happy New Year to you, your family, to your thriving business, and I hope we’ll have an opportunity to work together sometime in 2018. I would really love to help you succeed and grow. Schedule a FREE Clarity Call with me HERE today!

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