sabrina cadini life-work balance own your life achieve success business productivity coach entrepreneurs creatives goal setting

Life-Work Balance – Ep. 9: Own your life to achieve success

sabrina cadini life-work balance own your life achieve success business productivity coach entrepreneurs creatives goal setting

In the past couple of months I introduced you to the concept of life-work balance, something that I’m very passionate about where life should come first, then you can focus on your business. When your body and mind are in balance your wellbeing, energy, productivity, and focus improve. This can lead to a healthier you and also a more successful (and profitable) business professional. This can be achieved by following very simple principles every day.

We talked about Principle 1 (Eat Better), Principle 2 (Sleep More), Principle 3 (Exercise Regularly) and Principle 4 (Love Yourself). You can find the previous blog posts / episodes HERE. Today I’ll be talking about Principle 5 which is Own Your Life. It’s about putting together all the pieces of the puzzle that belong to the other principles I talked about and really create the perfect life for you.

Disclaimer: You should keep in mind that I’m not a doctor, a nutritionist or a dietitian so I can’t give you medical or professional advice, but I can share tips and give you general guidelines on how to improve your health by making small and easy changes. This live video contains general medical information based on my personal experience. This information should not replace medical advice from your doctor or other professional health care provider. If you have any questions in regard to a medical condition, you should consult your doctor or other professional health care provider.

How do we create the perfect life? Well, we can start by looking at our Super Powers and use them. Yes, we all have super powers but we don’t use them enough. But there are ways to discover them and use them to our advantage to unlock happiness and success.
We are all born with something special, creative skills that we should use every single day. But we don’t do it. Sometimes it’s because we’re lazy, sometimes because we lack the confidence, sometimes because we don’t really know what to do with them.

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How to find your super powers?
Ask yourself these questions:
~ What are you good at in your personal life? Is it connecting with other people?
~ What are you good at in your professional life? Is it being able to sell easily? Is it seeing an opportunity that others often miss?
If you can’t find special attributes about yourself, ask your family or friends – they will be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Now, you will ask me, why weaknesses? We’re talking about super powers, positive stuff, not negative stuff. Let me explain…

Watch my Periscope broadcast below where I talked about using your strengths, your weaknesses, your confidence, and the magic word (NO) to your advantage. I also included a quick exercise for these last two days of December before you start a new fabulous year.

Remember: If you want to make a change in your life this coming year, only you can make it happen. You should start thinking about all these changes today, don’t wait, make it a priority, and become more confident by doing what you believe is right, and by working with your strengths and weaknesses.

This is the last principle in Life-Work Balance, Own Your Life but it’s not over. Now we start with the fun! After learning about the five principles, you can apply them to your personal and professional life. Now that you created the foundation thanks to these principles, in 2018 we’ll go deeper and really focus on each area every week. I can’t wait to share even more about what your body and mind can do together and allow you to live a fabulous life. Make sure you follow me here on Periscope and on social media @SabrinaCadini, I have so much in store for you every Friday!

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