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What are your super powers?

San Diego Comic-Con just ended yesterday. If you love that world of multi-genre entertainment, pop culture and comics you know about it very well!

Among the 130,000 people or so who attend the annual convention, you can spot many of them dressed as their favorite superhero. It’s quite a show when you walk in Downtown San Diego next to Superman, or you have breakfast at one of the local restaurants next to Wonder Woman (who is one of my super heroines, by the way).

This always starts me thinking: Are these people wearing these costumes just because they want to be part of the action, or because they would like to have the same super powers like their heroes? What drives them to walk in a costume and celebrate their favorite characters?

This week’s quote is from none other than Stan Lee, the iconic¬†comic-book writer, film executive producer, and former editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics. I would say, the perfect fit for my post here. Lee makes a great point, and I too believe that each of us would love to use super powers to help other people, to solve their problems, to make their life better. But, if you look deep inside yourself, you may find you do have super powers. You just don’t use them enough (or you don’t use them at all). Why? Maybe because you’re too distracted. Maybe you’re too focused on other “things”. Maybe you don’t believe in yourself enough.

Start looking at yourself and count the skills and talents you have. One of them could be a super power that you can use for a friend in need, for a client looking for someone like you. You might be standing right next to each other and you just don’t connect, you miss that opportunity without even knowing it.

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My super powers? I’m still trying to figure out what the most important ones are. See, I’m in the same situation! What do you guys think?

My super power wish list? I wish I could clone myself and help thousands at the same time. I try to do it on social media but that only brings me closer to others online. The personal connection would magnify my purpose and make it truly memorable. Not only for me but for others, too.

What is / are your super power(s)? What super power(s) do you wish you had? And how would you use them?

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