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Start the change if you want to see change

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself” ~Leo Tolstoy

I see this happening very often, maybe too often … Many people around me complain about what others do or say. They’re always ready to judge and come to a conclusion based on what thy see or experience. They’re always hoping that the other people will “change”, then the world will be a better place.

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But, what if they changed? What if they started the change and inspired others to do the same for a better world? Wouldn’t it be better and easier if they stopped complaining and started to take action? By being a role model, by starting a movement, by inspiring others, they could really see the change they’re dreaming of.

Are you waiting for others to change, or do you change yourself?


  1. mark longbottom (@marklongbottom_)

    Here’s a thought, what if people didn’t talk about ‘being the change’ and just got on with life knowing there activity will change things but there is no need to continuously self promote and diffuse their energy in this way.

    It’s not a negative process but these days far too many people are obsessed by telling people what they do rather than getting on and doing things 😉

    1. Sabrina Cadini

      LOL Mark! So true, that’s exactly how I operate. I may be quiet on social media and not document every single step I take, but I take action in my personal and professional life, I learn, evolve, help clients, solve their problems, and I celebrate (big and small) failures and success every day.
      I think many people promote what they plan to do in order to be visible on social media and take their followers along a journey. I don’t have anything against it however, you don’t always see results at the end of that journey ….. That’s where people lose followers / supporters / fans in the long run; they over-promised and under-delivered.
      Thank you so much for reading this post!

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