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Are you satisfied in life and in your business?

“You will never feel truly satisfied by work until you are satisfied by life” ~Heather Shuck

Don’t tell me you don’t relate to that! It used to be my story every single day. I would never get satisfied by anything that I was doing. I always felt incomplete, I always struggled to make things work. Then, I realized my personal life and my professional life were completely out of balance. That’s when everything changed. Since then, focusing on my life first has helped me reach my goals faster and with more clarity, it helps me serve others better.

Ask yourself what’s preventing you from making your dreams come true. It could be something hiding in your personal life: a stagnant relationship, a toxic friendship, health issues (not necessarily major but enough to bother you and distract you from your “why”, from your purpose), not being organized in your daily schedule, or simply no self-care. There could be so many reasons!

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Absence of self-care was my reason. I was dedicating too much time to my work because I wanted to do this and that, and I wanted to please everybody. Seven days a week. I could easily say that I was hustling. But my body didn’t like it. At all. My brain decided to join forces with my body and they started to sabotage everything I was doing trying to get my attention. They finally made it! Now I live a more mindful life where I come first, then work can get done. No more hustling. No more stress. No more exhaustion. Only a balanced effort between my body and my mind to make my ideas and dreams come true at a realistic pace. Now I get better results thanks to more focus, increased energy, better productivity.

Do you still hustle all day long, every day? Or do you let YOU come first and enjoy every single moment in your life as it’s supposed to be?

Find out more about Like-Work Balance if you struggle in your daily life, I would love to help you!

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