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When do I know I am enough?

“When do I know I am enough?” ~Kayley M.

I am loving the fourth season of my Life-Work Mastermind! I am working with a group of professional ladies who rock it, and I’m blessed to know each one of them. The support and advice that they are sharing in the group is very motivating, and the energy is extremely high and positive. Exactly what I want for my masterminds to be valuable and successful!

During last week’s session we talked about being enough for yourself. My question was: How do you feel you are enough? One of the mastermind members, Kayley, responded with another question: “When do I know I am enough?” This thought started a great conversation around the fact that many of us never feel “arrived”, never feel accomplished, never feel complete. Kayley’s struggle is a huge challenge for her to enjoy the goals she achieves in her personal and professional life. She never sees the finish line. She thinks that, whatever she does, is never enough for her or for her family, for her boss, for her future.

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Kayley is one of those women who is unable to enjoy the moment during the journey. She’s unable to “stop and smell the roses”. She is on a race towards her goals, and she doesn’t see anything else. She doesn’t live the journey, she just uses the journey to get to the final destination as if she didn’t want to have anything to do with it. And when she gets to that destination she feels there’s more to do. This continuous chase after something creates a cycle that doesn’t allow her to stop, to rest, to celebrate, to be proud of herself and to live happy and complete.

I see this happening with a lot of my coaching clients, and I think it’s part of living in today’s fast-paced and demanding society. We’re almost forced to do more, to show more, to accomplish more, and we end up never being satisfied with our performance. It’s obvious to ask ourselves if we are enough. But, if you think you are enough now, in this moment, everything changes. Your life has a completely different meaning. Who you are today is different from who you will be tomorrow, and that’s totally fine. It’s part of your life. It’s part of your journey. Be happy about yourself today. Be happy about yourself tomorrow, and every day. Love yourself more and your life will love you back.

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