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Laser Coaching Sessions are finally here!

I’ve been loving my 6th Life-Work Mastermind, and I feel blessed to have 8 incredible women excited and driven about their lives and jobs. We’ve been learning from each other, sharing advice, and improving our lives, and I’m always glad to hear that each member has a new, fresh perspective about her routine, her relationships, her business, and more.

One of the things that were discussed in the last session was laser coaching. A lot of coaches are already offering them, and they seem quite successful for those clients who don’t want to spend months trying to understand what needs to be changed. They want solutions right away.

So, all of the mastermind members begged me to start offering laser coaching sessions for a more flexible schedule and to get information right away without waiting to set up an appointment with me.

After a lot of thinking, I decided to go ahead and offer them as part of my coaching practice.

What is Laser Coaching?

Laser Coaching Sessions are 30-minute paid coaching sessions in which you and I will work on a specific issue that is preventing you from reaching your goals and advancing in your life and/or career. It can happen to anyone: you get stuck, you get influenced by thoughts and beliefs, and you can’t get past them. You don’t make any progress and you get more frustrated. You might need help immediately, and you don’t want to spend months understanding what you need to do or creating new habits to move forward.

Laser Coaching Sessions are perfect to implement a quick alignment and find ways to unblock thinking patterns or habits that are sabotaging your daily life and your business.

This doesn’t mean that the coaching session will be less effective because it’s shorter than standard sessions (30 minutes instead of 60 minutes): we will actually go deeper into the problem while we maximize the time available.

Is Laser Coaching for you?

  • If you are a busy professional with too many tasks and deadlines to juggle, and you want solutions fast…
  • If you know what’s missing or what’s off in your life, but you don’t know how to tackle at that moment…
  • If you don’t want to spend too much time on coaching (usually taking 1-2 or more months to see improvements and achieve better results)…

Then Laser Coaching is definitely the best choice for you!

What happens in a Laser Coaching Session?

Once you book your Laser Coaching Session with me, I send you a link to my calendar that allows you to schedule a time. The Session takes place virtually (via video).

Each 30-minute session is highly focused on an issue or challenge that is being presented to you at any given moment, and it’s interfering with your day-to-day life, with your problem solving and goal setting, and /or with your career. I gather all the information related to the issue you’re experiencing, then I ask you several questions that will challenge you and help you find a solution right away. This is perfect if you’re looking for that “ah-ha” moment!

We will:
-Identify the obstacle or trigger
-Gain clarity on the situation
-Reframe the issue
-Recognize limiting beliefs
-Discuss ideas and different perspectives
-Remove doubts, blocks, and fears
-Find solutions
-Co-create a plan for immediate action
-Implement accountability

I’m very excited to help you achieve better goals in less time, and see you thrive in life. If an imbalance in your well-being is impacting your energy, clarity, and productivity, it’s time that we work together!

Are you ready to get unstuck and take action? Right now?

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