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My word for 2020: RESET

Hello, wonderful blog readers! How is the new year treating you? I hope 2020 is giving you what you are desiring and attracting, and it is granting you permission to become a new YOU.

I see the new year, or better yet, the new decade as a time to change, as a time to reevaluate my needs, my goals, and start fresh. This is an opportunity to ground in with myself and get clear on what really matters. This year I want to be deeply in touch with my highest purpose.

This year I will RESET and come back stronger, better, wiser.

In 2020, I am ready to:

  • Create a new version of myself
  • Use my energy in the right directions
  • Be more aware of my vision
  • Live more on my own terms
  • Gain more clarity from every situation
  • Embrace whatever is okay and not perfect
  • Shift from inner critic to inner coach
  • Permeate my entire existence with vitality
  • Nourish my body and brain as often as possible

In 2020, I am not going to:

  • Be just enough
  • Be a victim of standards
  • Ignore my inner wisdom
  • Please everyone just because
  • Follow others’ advice just because
  • Stay within my boundaries
  • Be distracted by negative vibrations and forces

Did you pick your Word of the Year yet? Share with us here and why!

May every blessing be with you in 2020 and beyond!


  1. Natasha

    Such a wonderful post, Sabrina!

    Evaluation of our inner needs and our external influences and being able to set boundaries and a healthy balance is key. Working towards our growth is very important and it opens doors to a new discovery of ourselves, our potential and opportunities.

    Have a fantastic 2020!

    1. Sabrina Cadini

      Thank you, Natasha! Your observation about balance is spot on 🙂
      Happy 2020 to you as well!

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