Will you be a Beta Tester for my Mindful Eating Workshop?

Mindless eating. We’re all guilty of that and it’s mostly because we get busy and easily distracted in our fast-paced life. But we need to give ourselves enough time to nourish our body with nutrient-rich foods, and we need to give our body the right time to digest, process, and absorb the foods we eat. If we just chew and swallow foods in a few seconds, our body won’t process the nutrients we just gave it in the same way as if we took the time to taste and chew and swallow.

There’s a beautiful book by Dan Millman (a former world champion athlete, university coach, martial arts instructor) called Way of the Peaceful Warrior. The book is from the ‘80s but it’s still a great read about finding life’s meaning and purpose. The book talks about the awareness of eating:

The pleasure from eating […] is more than the taste of the food and the feeling of a full belly. Learn to enjoy the entire process – the hunger beforehand, the careful preparation, setting an attractive table, chewing, breathing, smelling, tasting, swallowing, and the feeling of lightness and energy after the meal. You can even enjoy the full and easy elimination of the food after it’s digested. When you pay attention to all elements of the process, you’ll begin to appreciate simple meals.
The irony of your present eating habits is that while you fear missing a meal, you aren’t fully aware of the meals you do eat.

This is all so true, don’t you agree?

For this reason, I want to help you change the way you eat your food. You will change the way you treat your food. Not only as a way to put something in your stomach but to create an amazing loving relationship between you and the food you eat that allows you to appreciate more the role that food plays in your life.

We can all agree that food is our fuel, it gives us energy. But it’s a lot more than that. Food is information that gives our bodies biological instructions to promote health. This is how we were engineered. Mother Earth made these foods available to us for a reason: to keep us healthy.

Real food can:

  • Express (or turn off) our genes
  • Balance our hormones
  • Reduce inflammation which is all too common nowadays
  • Strengthen our immune system
  • Facilitate detoxification
  • Slow down oxidative stress and cellular aging
  • Enhance brain function
  • Improve our microbiome, the ecosystem of trillions of bacteria that reside in our gut, and they play a huge role in our health

Our bodies have this incredible power to keep us healthy, but we need to give them the right tools to do so. This means real, whole foods that are rich in nutrients.

My signature program, Life Work Balance, is based on a five-pillar framework:

  1. Eat better
  2. Sleep more
  3. Move daily
  4. Love yourself
  5. Own your life

Eating healthy is my first pillar because I see it as the foundation for well-being. I have been helping clients enhance their eating experience with mindful eating exercises during our coaching sessions with outstanding results. They also improved their digestion and nutrient absorption.

Sooooo… I decided to launch Nourish Your Life, a mindful eating workshop that will provide participants a mindfulness approach to their diet. Whether you’ve been trying to overcome food cravings, addictive eating, binge eating, emotional eating, or stress eating, this workshop is for you. Being aware of your actions will allow you to appreciate the food you eat and to take advantage of its many benefits for your body and for your brain. The results will be a more vibrant, healthier, and happier life, with more energy and more time to do what you love to do.

I am putting together all the details and I will need 10 enthusiastic beta testers to share feedback on the format before I launch the workshop in a few months.

Will you help me by applying as a beta tester?

We will meet virtually (on Skype) where I will give you an introduction to mindful eating and I will guide you through a practical mindful eating exercise. The workshop will be one hour long. As a thank you for participating, you will receive two healthy recipes and a complimentary Clarity Call with me.

Please fill out the Google form below if you’d like to participate, and I will connect with you within 48 hours if you are a good match. Participation will be free of charge, of course.


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