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What does “being happy” mean to you?

“It is not enough to be happy, to live an excellent life. The point is to be happy while doing things that stretch our skills, that help us grow and fulfill our potential.” ~ Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

What does “being happy” mean to you? Is it something that you look for in your daily tasks? Or something that you have been chasing throughout your entire life? Many people do. They think that when they will achieve something, then happiness will present to them and they will live “happily ever after.” The problem is that we don’t settle. Once we achieve what we wanted, we are already on the lookout of something better, bigger, more important.

That’s not how I operate, and I guide my clients to do the same. I don’t believe in acquired happiness. We all have happiness inside of us. it’s just a matter of finding it and utilizing it in the best way possible. You can learn how to optimize your happiness, and it’s one of the best things in life. Once my clients learn that, they are able to move forward in their lives and find their purpose.

So, what about using your innate happiness to reach higher goals, to fill your life with better experiences, to create a life that you are in control of and that will let you grow and thrive?

When you combine your innate happiness with your goal setting, that’s when the magic happens.

Start today!

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