Let’s COnnect on VIDeo during the outbreak

Hi, guys!

I hope you’re safe and healthy as this coronavirus situation continues to unfold.

I’ve been diligently following the guidelines and the rules, staying informed as needed, and I really hope you’re doing the same in order to flatten the curve, end this madness, and return to our normal lives sooner than later.

I know many of you are now working from home, and many of you feel isolated from the rest of the world because we can’t get out and we can’t hang out with family and friends in person, so it makes everything more difficult and frustrating.

So, I would love to help you overcome frustration, worry, anxiety, and help you focus on you, on your well-being, on your happiness, on your productivity, and on everything positive that we have instead of worrying about all the negative around us.

As you probably know, I run a Mastermind twice a year and this would be the time for my Spring edition. But, I decided to offer my coaching and expertise to any of you who need support right now with FREE group sessions instead.

I want to keep this experience very intimate and personalized so I will run these 60-minute sessions with 3 participants at a time.

We will start this coming Thursday (March 26) and we will meet every week at 12pm Pacific Time for an hour. You don’t have to join me every week, there will be three seats every week and you can just hang out with us whenever you have time or need to feel connected6 with others.

What you need to do:

1- Go to my virtual Whereby room a few minutes before the session starts, and I will allow the first three people who join. There’s no need to download software, you can just click on the link from your computer, tablet, or phone and you will access my virtual room.

2- Dedicate one hour of your time connecting with other professionals in a very comfortable and welcoming setting where we chat about our life, work, desires, goals, plans for the present and for the future. Consider this like a mini mastermind that will energize you and give you the tools and hopes you need in this difficult time.

So, will you join me and other wonderful people?

I really hope to see you there for a virtual hug and for some needed support where you can ask us anything and brainstorm freely.

Stay home, stay safe, and join me on video this week! I’ll see you there!

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