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I was a guest on the #VCBuzz Twitter chat

I recently had the privilege to chat with the #VCBuzz community on Twitter. Viral Content Bee has been hosting this chat on Tuesdays at 12 pm EST / 9 am PST for years with great success.

Viral Content Bee is a free platform for social media sharing helping you get more shares for your high-quality content.

The topic was (guess!) “How To Achieve Life-Work Balance” for entrepreneurs.

For a busy entrepreneur, freelancer or small business owner, work tends to come first. I’m sure you all agree with me. It is hard to maintain work-life balance when you know that you really don’t have business hours and you are earning money only as long as you are actively doing something at every moment of your life. Yet, life needs to come first because you only have one. So how to put life on top of your priorities?

If you missed the chat, no worries! Below is the recap for you.

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