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Live Life Fully – Key Point #2

My new book, Live Life Fully, goes against work-life balance. Life should come first. You should come first in life. I will show you how to achieve Life-Work Balance by optimizing your body and brain with the help of well-being principles, neuroscience, positive psychology, mindfulness, and biohacking.

Key Point #2

Eat Better: Choose the foods (and fluids) that give you fuel and energy, lower inflammation, and provide information to your genes

Poor diet is a huge problem in our modern society. It is proven that several diseases such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune disease, and cancer are linked to diet. However, people often settle for processed or junk food because they’re cheap, convenient and easily available, and they provide a faster option to fit in their busy schedules. ⠀

Food is our fuel and it gives us energy, but it’s also precious information for our organs, muscles, tissues, cells, and even our gene expressions. Our bodies are designed to keep us healthy, but we must help them by supplying them with the right fuel. And no, this is not about starting a diet – this is about adopting a new lifestyle for the rest of your life.

Also, most of our immune system resides in our intestinal tract and, when you eat better, your immune system works better. Both your body and brain benefit from this. Eating better is key, and it’s not only what you eat, but how the bacteria in your gut (microbiome) process it that counts. The more you know about your gut, the better you can keep your body and brain thriving.

I keep hearing the same excuses from friends and clients: there’s no time to cook, no time to prepare healthier meals because of their busy schedule, and they can’t make it happen. For that reason, they never start changing their lives. But you CAN eat better, it’s the foundation of a healthier life!

In Live Life Fully, you will learn about the best foods that can increase energy, provide optimal nourishment, help regulate hormone and neurotransmitter production, and lower inflammation. I will explain why diets generally don’t work, and what you can do instead to lose weight and improve your well-being (spoiler alert: it will involve more than nutrition; everything is connected!). I will also talk about the importance of hydration and which fluids are best to replenish water loss.

Pre-order Live Life Fully today and help me reach my goal: 500 copies in 30 days!

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