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I was a guest on the Irish Health Hour Show

I have known Dolores Andrew-Gavin, founder of the health and wellness networking community Irish Health Hour, for quite some time. We met on social media while participating in the same Twitter chats, and we were drawn to each other immediately. We have a lot in common, and our philosophy is similar. We are passionate about helping clients regain control of their lives; Dolores focuses on emotional intelligence; I focus on the body and brain connection. We both believe that prioritizing yourself and respecting your body’s needs can be extremely helpful to overcome any type of challenge in life.

Dolores interviewed me on my new book, Live Life Fully. What a great conversation! I shared my inspiration for the book, how the book can help you upgrade yourself, and some fun facts behind it.

You can watch the interview HERE or on YouTube (click on the image below) and please share your thoughts in the comments section!

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