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Live Life Fully – Key Point #3

My new book, Live Life Fully, goes against work-life balance. Life should come first. You should come first in life. I will show you how to achieve Life-Work Balance by optimizing your body and brain with the help of well-being principles, neuroscience, positive psychology, mindfulness, and biohacking.

Key Point #3

Sleep More: Master your sleep pattern to regulate hormone production, consolidate memory, and repair/grow new cells

Sleep is one of the quickest ways to support our health thanks to its regenerative and restorative process.

While we’re sleeping, our body and brain work hard performing some very critical functions that are necessary to keep them operating at optimal levels.

In particular, the brain processes that occur during sleep are important for the health of our immune system, appetite control (if you’re trying to lose weight, you should pay more attention to your sleep), hormone and neurotransmitter production. These processes are all regulated by our circadian rhythm which is our biological clock.

The Centers for Disease Control found that one third of Americans report not getting enough sleep.

Today, sleep is considered a luxury that we can’t seem to afford in our modern society because we are too busy, but sleep is necessary, it’s not only to rest a few hours, and our health is negatively impacted when we are sleep deprived, even after one night.

In Live Live Fully, I will go through the benefits of regenerative sleep involving the body’s and brain’s ability to get rid of old cells and create new ones, and to remove free radicals.

I will also talk about restorative sleep which is involved in the consolidation of learning and memories, and it prepares us for the following day.

Last but not least, I will share some exciting new research studies showing that during sleep, our brain cleans or washes itself by eliminating cellular debris and toxins that build up during the day and that can be associated with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Considering that sleep and brain health/mental health issues are tightly linked, you can see how important is to sleep at least 6 to 8 hours every single night.

I gathered a list of sleep hacks, or tips, in Live Life Fully to help you improve not only the number of hours you sleep but also your sleep quality.

Pre-order Live Life Fully today and help me reach my goal: 500 copies in 30 days!

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