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Join me on the Wedding Business Growth podcast

As you know, I used to be a wedding designer and planner years ago, and after experiencing burnout I learned A LOT about how we function. With that knowledge in my hands, I decided to pursue a career in coaching and help other busy and overwhelmed professionals overcome their challenges in life and in the workplace.

This Tuesday, I’ll join David Hanscom and Nicholas Sangiamo on Wedding Business Growth to share the secrets that allowed me to transform my life and boost my career.

Wedding Business Growth was founded with two goals in mind: education and community. They are committed to helping professionals in the wedding and events industry succeed and grow their business in a sustainable way by interviewing experts in different areas. I’m so excited to be this week’s guest!

We’ll chat about Life-Work Balance, the system that I created to shift my priorities and regain control of my life. I’ll share tips on nutrition, movement, sleep, stress, self-care, and time management so that you can optimize yourself on all fronts.

Join us LIVE on YouTube and on Facebook this Tuesday at 4pm Pacific / 7pm Eastern (or you will be able to catch the recording on Apple Podcasts). And, if you’re interested to see what they do, make sure you follow them on Instagram as well. See you there!

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