Happiness doesn’t come to you – Find it!

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“Happiness doesn’t come to you, you are the one who finds it”

Happiness is often misunderstood for something that you have to chase in your life.
People also think they can reach happiness with the help of material goods: money, cars, etc. That, however, is not what makes you happy – you get a temporary sense of fulfillment and satisfaction, only to find yourself wanting for more.

Being happy is easier than you think. Look around and you will find many reasons to be happy: your family, your job, the house you live in, your friends, your health, your pet. Whatever gives you a positive feeling, stimulates your imagination, brings serenity, provides comfort to your everyday life can make you happy.

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Working with wedding clients and being part of their special day makes me happy. I’m there when they walk down the aisle before saying “I do”, when they dance together for the first time as a married couple, when they hold hands during speeches, when they feed each other after cutting the cake, when they look at each other with love. Their happiness makes me happy and it feels great.

What can make you happy? Here are a few of my suggestions: stop comparing yourself to others, cut the negativity in half by finding the positive side in everything that happens to you, enjoy every little moment, give more, make more room for yourself every single day.

What are your tips for authentic happiness?

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