sabrina cadini life-work balance clean eating business productivity coach strategist creatives entrepreneurs live streaming periscope broadcast

Life-Work Balance – Ep. 10: What is clean eating?

sabrina cadini life-work balance clean eating business productivity coach strategist creatives entrepreneurs live streaming periscope broadcast

In the past few months I introduced you to the concept of life-work balance, something that I’m very passionate about where life should come first, then you can focus on your business. When your body and mind are in balance your well being, energy, productivity, and focus improve. This can lead to a healthier you and also a more successful (and profitable) business professional.

All this can be achieved by following very simple principles every day.
I talked about Principle 1 (Eat Better), Principle 2 (Sleep More), Principle 3 (Exercise Regularly), Principle 4 (Love Yourself), and Principle 5 (Own Your Life) – You can read more HERE.

With the start of 2018 I’m now moving to mastering Life-Work Balance. So, each week I will share tips and resources for you to adopt a healthier, more balanced, and more productive life in detail.
Today I’ll be talking about clean eating which is very close to what I’ve been doing since 2012.

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Disclaimer: You should keep in mind that I’m not a doctor, a nutritionist or a dietitian so I can’t give you medical or professional advice, but I can share tips and give you general guidelines on how to improve your health by making small and easy changes. This live video contains general medical information based on my personal experience. This information should not replace medical advice from your doctor or other professional health care provider. If you have any questions in regard to a medical condition, you should consult your doctor or other professional health care provider.

What is Clean Eating?

Clean eating is about avoiding those foods that are bad for you, for your body and for your mind all together. These include processed and refined foods. Instead, you should focus on whole foods. When you do this you can prevent and even manage a multitude of diseases, you detoxify your body and mind, you can lose weight, and your entire well being benefits from it.

What is not Clean Eating?

First of all, let me clarify that clean eating is NOT a diet. I probably talk about diet but it’s not intended to be something that you do for 2 weeks or a month and then you go back to your old eating habits. This is more like a lifestyle change, you have to start a new relationship with food thinking that what you eat will change and improve your body and mind forever. The key is to be consistent every single day.

Watch my Periscope broadcast below to hear more about the foods you should stay away from, the ones you should eat, and some tips on how to embrace clean eating during your daily life including healthy recipes.


~ Clean Eating Magazine – You can subscribe to the magazine (they have a digital version available) or you can just read the articles from their website and sign up for their newsletter. You’ll find a lot of information about clean eating, thousands of recipes, meal plans, grocery lists, articles from health experts.
There might be some recipes that are not exactly what you’re looking for (some of them have sugar or gluten which I try to avoid) but you can definitely work on substitutes and still enjoy those dishes.

~ The Mindful Tech Lifestyle – This is a brilliant husband and wife team with the goal of helping people improve their lives. They use technology, specifically chatbots, to inspire each of us in the areas of Motivation, Mindfulness, Health and Nutrition.
They also have an online shop where they sell very cool products, all related to the different areas: fitness, meditation, cooking, and so on.
I subscribe to their bots on Facebook Messenger (they also give you the option to add the bot to Telegram and on Kik). The one I’d like to mention today is their Eat Clean Bot that sends you daily or weekly recipes with only 3 ingredients. Not bad!

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