sabrina cadini life-work balance reward yourself creative entrepreneurs business coach wellbeing lifestyle time management goal setting

Life-Work Balance – Ep. 23: Time to reward yourself!

sabrina cadini life-work balance reward yourself creative entrepreneurs business coach wellbeing lifestyle time management goal setting

Today we’ll be talking about Principle 4 (Love Yourself), and specifically how you can reward yourself. And it doesn’t have to be with food. Why? Because we tend to spoil ourselves with food, whether it’s a yummy snack (maybe a chocolate bar or a cupcake or an ice cream, or a bag of chips) or a full meal, or a drink. But there are other types of rewards or incentives that you can use to celebrate your accomplishments.

The reward system is something that I always suggest my clients to incorporate in their daily, weekly, monthly goal setting. It’s the final part, it’s the celebration of their efforts after they achieve something very important in their personal or professional life. And when you reward yourself consistently, you’re more likely to achieve better next time because you know there’s a reward waiting for you.

Let’s face it, when you start a new habit, a new goal, or you have to work on something not so exciting (usually for work) it’s hard to be motivated, right? And when you start a new habit to improve your lifestyle, very often you find yourself quitting early for several reasons. You don’t have the time, you don’t have the money, you don’t have the motivation. It’s also difficult to stick to the new plan because sometimes you don’t see the immediate results from the change. So you get frustrated, you lose the motivation, and you give up.
But when there’s a reward in place you will want to get to the end and get your prize. It’s part of human nature.

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So, reward yourself whenever you hit an important milestone or you achieve a specific goal. It can be a big achievement, or it can just be part of a big goal, and you reward yourself for each little step that you’re taking. This will remind you that you are capable of reaching your goals, or making your dreams come true. And it keeps you motivated to move to the next step, little by little, towards to final destination.

Keep in mind that the reward you choose shouldn’t be the opposite of your goals or habits. For instance, if you’re trying to lose weight don’t reward yourself with a huge meal after you lose 2 pounds. Or, indulge in a huge dessert… That will bring you the 2 pounds back and you have to start all over again!  Or, if you’ve been diligent at saving money for your emergency fund, don’t go on a shopping spree at the end of the week to celebrate the fact that you were able to save! I’m sure you understand my point, this is common sense…

Go watch my Periscope broadcast below where I shared tips on how to set up your reward system (very helpful to keep track of your accomplishments), and also ideas to reward yourself. I shared a lot of them 🙂

~~~ LEAVE A COMMENT ~~~ Do you have a rewards system in place? How do you like to reward yourself? And how often does it happen?

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