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How do you improve the quality of your life?

“The quality, not the longevity of one’s life, is what is important” ~Martin Luther King, Jr.

Today we remember the life and legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. A man who gave others more than ever, and who changed the course of history with the power of love.
Love can break any barrier, can move any mountain, can win any battle. And when you love yourself more you can love others more. You, too, can make a difference in the life of others. No matter how short or how long your life is. Enjoy every single moment, love every single moment, and you will increase the quality of life.

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In my coaching practice, being able to love yourself and to take care of yourself before taking care of others is the foundation of wellbeing and success. It is a combination of eating better, sleeping more, exercising regularly, and dedicating time to yourself. Every single day. That’s how you can increase quality in your life – and also longevity!

I know how hard it is to practice self-care in this busy life, but I can help 😊 Stay tuned for a LOVE challenge starting in February, where you can create healthy habits for yourself in just 10 minutes a day.
Remember: love yourself more every day, and you will be able to enjoy the journey more. You will be able to improve the quality of life. For yourself and for others around you.

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