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How do you define ambition?

“Ambition is enthusiasm with a purpose.” ~ Frank Tyger

I love this quote! This is exactly how I define ambition: it’s my turbo boost, it’s my drive, it’s my push towards bigger and better goals. If you don’t have ambition, your ideas will most likely remain in your mind. You won’t be driven to make them happen, to see them come to life. You will probably make excuses, you will blame others, you will blame your busy schedule, and you won’t move forward. You won’t feel the need to move forward. Being comfortable is the opposite of being ambitious.

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For me, ambition is necessary to grow. And it doesn’t have to be only for your business, it can also be for your personal development. It’s the ambition to become a better person every day, a better friend, a better parent, whoever you want to be. Only with that boost in your life, you can achieve the destination you set in front of you. You have a purpose in life.

Many people see ambition as a negative quality, something that only ruthless and careless people have. They only think about their career, they only think about making more money, they only think for themselves. But when you use ambition to grow together, you can inspire and move others with you. Ambition can be contagious, it gives you so much more energy, and it helps you (and those with you) overcome obstacles easier and faster. Ambition is such great quality, it can be your strength, it can shape your character, it can make you a winner and a guiding light for others.

How do you define ambition? Which ambition(s) do you have this week?

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