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I was a guest on Sree Sreenivasan’s Daily Global COVID-19 Show

I have been a huge fan of Sree Sreenivasan since he used to Periscope back in 2015 as the Chief Digital Officer at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. He was one of my favorite broadcasters!

Sree is now Marshall Loeb Visiting Professor of Digital Innovation at Stony Brook University, the CEO & Co-founder at Digimentors, and his resume is quite impressive.

When COVID-19 started to change our lives a few months ago, Sree jumped on creating a daily show being broadcast live on different social media platforms: Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. I was his guest yesterday on episode #139. What a privilege!

Sree and I had a great chat. The informal conversation ranged from Italy (my home country and one of Sree’s favorite travel destinations) to food to habits and more, and we answered questions from viewers. We also talked about Life-Work Balance and how taking care of ourselves, along with positivity, are more important than ever during these challenging times.

You can watch the recording of the show below (click on the image) and please share your thoughts in the comments section!

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