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Live Life Fully – Is my book for you? (Scenario #6)

My new book, Live Life Fully, was inspired by my personal experience and by working with my wonderful clients. We all share a passion for our job, and a workaholic attitude. But we also have a family and we have a hard time juggling everything during the day – and the night. And with all this in our daily lives, there seems to be no time for ourselves, and for our health – physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual.

Do you relate to this as well?

Maybe your story is similar to mine and to theirs. Live Life Fully was written with you in mind, and you might find one or more of these different scenarios describe you very well.

My book is for you if… (Scenario #6)

You can never find some “me” time for yourself and this creates even more frustration

Self-care. This is something that we tend to ignore in our hectic daily life. We have too much to do, not enough time. Inevitably, we put ourselves at the bottom of our to-do list, and our “me” time never happens.

Self-care is not a sign of laziness, it’s not a luxury that just a few have, and it’s not a frivolous thing for girls. It’s a necessity for our body and for our brain. If we don’t take care of ourselves, we can’t take care of anything and anyone else. We can’t function 100% day and night if we drain our batteries and we don’t recharge them. We simply can’t. Sure, you can drink more coffee but eventually, your body will start sending you signals.

You should learn to recognize these signals before it gets too late. Frustration will be one of the first reactions because you won’t be able to fit all of your to-dos in a day, and you will achieve mediocre results at work. Then, stress, burnout, and even health issues will start to arise. At that point, it will be impossible to function at 100%.

If you are at a point where you work too much and you don’t take care of yourself, Live Life Fully might be the book for you. I will show you the strategies that will help you prioritize and upgrade YOU to recharge your natural batteries with nutrition, sleep, movement, stress management, and self-care. Bring more happiness, vibrancy, and success in your life and business!

We are human beings, not human doings. Shouldn’t we live first, then work?

If you’re living a life that doesn’t make you feel on top of the world, you will love Live Life Fully!

Pre-order Live Life Fully today and help me reach my goal: 500 copies in 30 days!

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