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NEW PROGRAM: reGENErate your lifestyle

Thanks to the vast amounts of information and advice we have available in our modern society, you may have decided to use self-help to reclaim your energy to complete your to-do lists, to reduce stress and burnout, and to change your life. 

You probably tried different strategies when working on your personal or business goals, but they didn’t work or it took you a long time to get where you wanted. 

Maybe you followed tips from successful people who wake up very early in the morning to get things done and be more productive, you experimented with sleeping less to gain more hours for work, or you even hired a life coach to help you reach your full potential and improve your wellness, but you didn’t get the results you expected.

Why? Because we’re all different, and even if we all have the same 24 hours in a day, what works for some people may not be the right solution for you 

This is where reGENErate your lifestyle, my NEW program that is combined with genetic testing for personalized solutions, can help you. 

We used to think that our genes create our destiny, but the latest research and the fascinating field of epigenetics (studying the influence of lifestyle choices and environment on gene expression) now show us that genetics has a small impact on our destiny, about 10-20%. The rest is up to us. 

We can easily say that genes are our tendency, and what we do can shape our destiny. We have much more control over our lifespan and our health span than we knew.

Isn’t this amazing?

reGENErate your lifestyle is combined with genetic testing allowing you to:

  • Unlock your unique genome (your set of genes) to learn about how your cells make up your unique YOU
  • Reveal insights about the impact of your lifestyle and the environment
  • Identify the risk of health concerns
  • Optimize your life based on your DNA

Genetics is the starting point for you to cut out all the trial and error when it comes to your life and wellness goals. No more guesswork or wasted time while you achieve your goals! It’s all about you. 

Since gene expression can be influenced by many factors, personalizing your lifestyle habits according to your genetic profile empowers you to make the right choices. Improving the way you function can have a huge impact on your mood, your energy, your focus, productivity, and performance in life and at work, and it can help you live a longer, healthier, and happier life. 

I partnered with a leader in genetic testing, DNAfit, and the genetic test that is included in reGENErate your lifestyle is called Pro Fit. It’s their most comprehensive test that is not available to the public but only through authorized and certified professionals like me. 

reGENErate your lifestyle includes a DNA test that will provide valuable insights on:

  • Diet (your ideal type; carbohydrate and fat sensitivity; detox pathways; alcohol and caffeine response; lactose tolerance; celiac predisposition)
  • Nutrients (all the major vitamins: A, the B group, C, D, E; omega 3 and antioxidants; iron; calcium; selenium)
  • Fitness (your optimal training type; power, endurance, and strength response; aerobic trainability; recovery efficiency; injury Predisposition; muscle mass)
  • Stress & Sleep (your stress tolerance; genetic chronotype; sleep quality)
  • Obesity
  • Bone Mineral Density

Thanks to these results, you will be able to:

  • Customize your optimal diet type, and identify food groups that impact your energy, clarity, and daily performance
  • Rebalance nutrient deficiencies that might impact your overall well-being
  • Discover your optimal training type, and create a plan accordingly
  • Find out how your body responds to stress triggers and customize your own toolbox with effective strategies to bring your system back to balance
  • Identify your energy patterns so you know when to focus on your daily tasks, projects, and routines (getting more done in less time), and when to relax

This is the right program for you if:

  • You’re looking for a simple, effective and holistic approach that gives you a better quality of life and sustainable, long-term results for better productivity and performance
  • You had enough of following restrictive diets that just don’t work
  • You’re tired of wasting time and money at the gym without seeing the results you expect
  • You’re already fit, full of energy, and just want to bring your full potential in life and at work to the next level

So that I can provide the best assistance with this program, you can choose from the options below:

OPTION 1 – Report + Insights

  • Your DNA test
  • Your personalized report
  • One review consultation to go over your results and create a lifestyle action plan
  • One follow up session to answer questions and provide assistance while you work on your habits and goals

OPTION 2 – Report + Insights + Coaching (3 months)

  • Your DNA test
  • Your personalized report
  • One review consultation to go over your results and create a lifestyle action plan
  • Coaching with me for three months, including 12 weekly sessions
  • Email communication
  • Weekly habit trackers

OPTION 3 – Report + Insights + Coaching (6 months)

  • Your DNA test
  • Your personalized report
  • One review consultation to go over your results and create a lifestyle action plan
  • Coaching with me for six months, including 24 weekly sessions
  • Email communication
  • Weekly habit trackers 

Watch the video below for more details about reGENErate your lifestyle!

Are you ready to reGENErate your lifestyle? Order your DNA kit today by filling out this form!

BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL: Enter the special discount code “GENE2021” in the form above to receive $50 off any of the options!

I look forward to working with you!

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