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Are Sleep Stages and Cycles the Same? (Video) – Episode 25 of Your Weekly Dose of Life-Work Balance

In this week’s video, I shed some light on sleep cycles and stages, always very confusing for my clients, and I share tips to improve the quality of your sleep. Watch below!

How much do you prioritize sleep? Probably not as much as you should, and I don’t blame you – There are so many to-dos in our life that sleep easily becomes a “nice to have” thing, not a priority.

But sleep should be on top of our to-do list as it’s involved in many restorative and regenerative processes in our body, and it’s ultimately THE tool to let you complete those tasks and projects in the day successfully: you are more alert, more focused, sharper, and more creative.

So, if you think that sleep is just a waste of time since it takes you about one third of your life, think again. What happens to your phone when you don’t recharge it? It stops working. The same happens to us when we don’t recharge by sleeping!

In the video, I went over sleep cycles and stages explaining what happens and the benefits for each one, and I shared tips that you can implement immediately.

If you always struggle to sleep and you’re healthy, you might consider working with me!

reGENErate your lifestyle goes beyond traditional coaching by looking at your unique genetic profile. With a simple DNA test that you can take at home, you will receive precious insights about your sleep chronotype, your ideal diet, nutrient needs, the best fitness program, and how you respond to stress so that you can optimize yourself on all fronts. The reason why you can’t sleep well might be caused by wrong habits.

With this information in our hands, I can help you achieve better results faster. No more guesswork, you know which strategies work specifically for you.

How much do your prioritize sleep? Share with us below!

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