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Spend More Time in Nature (Video) – Episode 42 of Your Weekly Dose of Life-Work Balance

In this video, let’s imagine we are in a beautiful forest, and we get the amazing benefits of spending time in nature! Watch below!

In ancient times, our ancestors used to live a very simple life. They lived in rhythm with the sun and nature. They would hunt and gather food and tend to other necessities of life that would take them a few hours a day. That would leave them enough time to relax, socialize, and rest.

Times are certainly different. We don’t live in a cave anymore, we live in a technology-driven era where everything happens in a super-fast, super-efficient, and super-productive way. Our environment has changed, but our genes and biochemistry have not. We still depend on the sun and nature to keep us healthy and happy.

Unfortunately, we have forgotten to spend time in nature that is so beneficial to us. Instead, we spend the entire day in front of screens, whether at work (on the computer) or at home (watching TV, playing video games, chatting with friends, or scrolling on social media). Some studies indicate that the average American stares at a screen for over 10 hours each day. This is insane, and detrimental to our health.

Many of you might not realize the amazing benefits of spending time in nature, which I shared in the video, along with different ways to take advantage of our connection with nature and improve our physical, mental, and emotional health.

If you are struggling to make time for yourself during your busy day and stay productive, you might consider working with me!

My signature coaching program, Life-Work Balance, helps you master goals of any type, whether they are related to your personal life or your career, helping you master movement, nutrition, sleep, stress/anxiety/burnout, self-care, and time management.

Life-Work Balance combines epigenetics with neuroscience, positive psychology, and chronobiology allowing you to boost your energy and focus, and increase your productivity and performance while you optimize your well-being. During the program, I’ll help you create customized habits and maintain momentum so that you can achieve your goals better and faster.

You can find more information at the link above, and you can always schedule a complimentary Clarity Call with me to discuss more in detail and see if this program is right for you.

Do you ever spend time in nature and how does it benefit you? Share with us below!

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