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I choose to focus on what I have

“I choose to focus on what I have, not what I lack, and I focus on what I can do rather than what I can’t.” ~Collier Lunn

Every Saturday I simulcast the PeriGirls’ weekly Twitter chat, #PeriGirlsChat, and last weekend the topic was about Positivity. I think this was one of the best chats ever thanks to the Guest Experts who shared amazing insights about their practices: how they find positivity, how they practice positivity, how they succeed thanks to positivity.

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One of the Guest Experts was Collier Lunn, a gem in the PeriGirls group. Collier is a corporate writer, editor, and instructional designer by profession who is currently working towards trading her technical pen for a creative one.  She is an inspirational live-streamer on Periscope and, thanks to her writing expertise, she helps women transform their lives through mindful writing. If you’re not following Collier on social media you should now!

This quote was one of Collier’s responses during the chat and I loved it. In my opinion, it’s about positivity at its finest. And with purpose. With some gratefulness. There’s intention and determination, the will to succeed with confidence. No waste of time. No excuses. It could be the perfect affirmation for your Monday. Repeat it a few times and you are on the path to success!

Many of my clients feel stuck when it comes to what they have and what they can do. Most of them don’t think they can change the situation, they feel helpless. Why? Because they simply have limiting beliefs. These beliefs keep them in a negative state which too often is seen as a comfort zone. They are afraid to change, they are afraid to take action and shift their mindset from negative (passive) to positive (active). They have no idea how many doors this change can open in their personal and professional life!

What are your thoughts? What do you choose to focus on today?

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