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Carve out some good times

“Carve out some good times”

It’s Halloween season, one of my favorite holidays ever. It’s when you can go crazy with the decorations in your home, and you can dress up. I’ve been collecting costumes for a long time, maybe because I love the transformation, or maybe because I love to put together all the details that go into a costume. It’s not only the outfit, you can play with wigs, accessories, makeup, props, etc. You start with a theme, an idea, and you build from there.

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This saying, “carve out some good times”, is perfect for Halloween (did you carve your pumpkin yet?) but also for our daily life. Have you carved out some time for yourself today? Are you planning to do so? Will you do it tomorrow? And how will you use your “me” time? Will you unplug, will you spend it with family or friends? Will you try something new that gives you excitement? Whatever you choose doesn’t really matter. The most important thing is that you are intentional about it. You must take time for yourself. Every day. It’s how you can recharge and dedicate your time and attention to others. Don’t neglect yourself. Don’t put yourself, your desires, your needs, your plans at the bottom of your list. Those should come first. The outcome might be surprising (because you’re not used to take time for yourself) but it will be very satisfying: you will increase your wellbeing, you will lower your stress, you will gain a more positive perspective. You will feel more relaxed and refreshed.

And if you don’t know what to do with your free time, do nothing! Give a break to your overwhelmed body and mind! They will thank you. A lot 🙂

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