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Join me on the Health, Weight Loss, and Wellness Show

Calling all over 40s!

You’re invited to join me and a group of passionate global experts with a giving nature who create health, weight loss, and wellness differently than the mainstream.

They are inspiring wellness experts who dedicate themselves to their passion and profession.

They are experts who know that you are not invisible, you matter, and the wellness revolution is coming.

There are over 180 billion of you mid- and late-lifers worldwide, you have followed all the mainstream advice, you have given so much of yourself, you are wise, and full of rich experiences and you just want the next half of your life to be ever better than the first.

Joining a growing family of everyday people who have gone from struggling to thriving or found passion in a breakdown or a breakup that inspired them to greatness is a great place to start.

To celebrate you and me as a mid- and late-lifer and start a wellness revolution of content made by us, just for us, my friend Jodi Clarke at Awaecnan, Clinical Hypnotherapist and health coach hosts dozens of passionate experts in a free 21-day online show. And you are invited to join the party!

 The Health, Weight Loss and Wellness Show

Top experts reveal how to maximize wellness to unlock a happy, healthy, active life.

Streaming July 1st – 21st, 2021.

These global leaders, experts, and educators have accumulated decades of experience, education, knowledge, and a rich understanding of us mid-lifers, our health, our weight loss, and our wellness needs, and I’m super excited to be one of the speakers.

Join me and dozens of other experts, educators, specialists, and more on the virtual stage sharing their experience-rich wisdom… giving you a jumpstart to live your dream life, full of health, happiness, and the energy for exciting life experiences, thriving, enjoying the fruits of our unique time in life. My talk will be about LIFE-WORK BALANCE and the fascinating field of EPIGENETICS.

Ready to join us? All you need to do is click on the button below for your free ticket!

I’m excited to be a part of this show and see how you all grow from the experience!

 PS: Someone you love and care about may need this right now. Forward this blog post to your mid/late-life family and friends who are ready to join you on this journey towards wellness, wisdom, and exciting experiences.

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