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What Triggers Your Stress? (Video) – Episode 14 of Your Weekly Dose of Life-Work Balance

In this week’s video, I talked about the types of triggers that cause a stress response in our daily life. It’s not only stress in the workplace! Watch below!

Stress is simply a natural automatic response to a change in our routine and it’s part of our daily life. It’s even essential to our survival because that response helps us understand how and when to react to danger or a threat.

Today we react more to things or thoughts that are not really threats or dangers (sometimes it’s just our perception to the threat that puts us in that “fight or flight” state), and anything that generates a reaction is referred to as a stressor or stress trigger, impacting us physically, mentally, and emotionally.

We usually point the finger at stress in the workplace, but our body and brain are impacted by other triggers in different ways and with different intensity since perception of stress (and our response) is highly individual. By the way, this is largely due to gene variations, something for a future video!

In the video, I listed 10 types of stress triggers, and I shared tips on how to minimize the effects of stress in our daily life. Of course, sometimes this is easier said than done, but knowing what is sabotaging your life and your career, and working on small changes at a time can make a big difference, and your body – and brain – can benefit from the results.

If you’d like to get guidance and accountability to make these changes, you may be interested in my program REFRAME & THRIVE, focused entirely on stress, anxiety, and burnout.

  • It’s a 6-week program that will help you:
  • Learn how the stress response works, and its effects in our body and brain
  • Identify the type of pressure you’re experiencing (is it stress, anxiety, or burnout?)
  • Recognize your triggers
  • And create your Reframe Toolkit with personalized strategies and techniques to reframe your stress response, shift your mindset, build resilience, and reclaim your energy, purpose, focus, and joy in your life – not to mention precious time for sustained success.

What triggers your stress? Share with us below!

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