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What’s Your Chronotype? (Video) – Episode 13 of Your Weekly Dose of Life-Work Balance

In this week’s video, I talked about chronotypes and how you can find yours to optimize your productivity, performance, your happiness, and more. Watch below!

The exposure to light in the day and dark in the night facilitates the release of hormones that keep your sleep/wake cycle in sync, but your chronotype is one more factor that determines when you get tired as it influences the production of those hormones such as melatonin. This means that, even though we all have a 24-hour rhythm, not all of our rhythms are the same.

You probably heard about early birds and night owls, but there are other animals associated with sleep patterns, and especially with chronotypes: the bear (I am one of them), the lion, the wolf, and the dolphin. In the video, I talked about each one, and you may recognize yourself in one – or more – of them.

There are several tests to discover your chronotype (and I shared one in the video), but one of my programs that takes a closer look at your chronotype and at how we function is reGENErate your lifestyle. With a simple DNA test, you get precious insights about your diet, nutrients, fitness, sleep, and stress based on your unique genetic profile, so that you can optimize yourself on all fronts. No more guesswork, just targeted solutions that allow you to get outstanding customized results. If you’re interested to know more, you’ll find the link in the info box below.

What’s your chronotype? Share with us below!

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