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Create Your Sleep Sanctuary (Video) – Episode 31 of Your Weekly Dose of Life-Work Balance

In this week’s video, I shared a lot of tips on how to optimize your bedroom for better rest and make it your sleep sanctuary. Watch below!

Sleep is very important to stay healthy and maintain high levels of energy, productivity, and performance throughout the day, and one way to ensure that you get quality rest is by creating an inviting, appealing, and relaxing bedroom environment. Think of your bedroom as a sanctuary where you invite your body and your brain and you put them at ease, so they can relax, initiate, and maintain the sleep process throughout the night.

The video is filled with tips that have been shown to provide excellent benefits when it comes to sleep quality. You will find them grouped in three categories: essential, important, and optional.

You can also find more tips for your bedroom in my ebook, Create Your Sleep Sanctuary. Download it today!

If you have a hard time to start and maintain new habits like the ones I shared in the video, you may need a life coach, and I would love to help you!

My signature program, Life-Work Balance, is focused on a 6-pillar framework that includes nutrition, movement, sleep, stress/anxiety/burnout management, self-care, and time optimization, allowing you to upgrade your well-being while you boost your energy and focus, and increase your productivity and performance. During the program, I’ll help you create customized habits (I have a lot for you to choose from!) and maintain momentum so that you can achieve your goals better and faster.

Check the program out or schedule a complimentary Clarity Call with me to discuss more in detail and see if Life-Work Balance is right for you.

What changes will you make in your bedroom to sleep better? Share with us below!

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