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Walking for Your Health (Video) – Episode 36 of Your Weekly Dose of Life-Work Balance

This week’s video is all about walking and its amazing – maybe even surprising – benefits. Watch below!

If you are one of my coaching clients or you’ve been watching this video series for a while, you heard me saying many times that exercise is one of the best things for your body and for your brain. And you don’t have to dedicate hours to movement, despite what many people think, and they use it as an excuse: “Oh, I don’t have time to go to the gym!”

Well, you don’t really have to go to the gym … Something as simple as walking for 30 minutes per day gives you significant results. As with any form of aerobic cardiovascular exercise, walking increases the supply of blood to the entire body and brain, and it helps in many ways that I mentioned in the video.

Watch the video where I shared tips to incorporate walking in your busy life and make it a consistent practice to maintain great health.

If you are struggling to make time for your daily activities (and organize your day), you might consider working with me!

My signature coaching program, Life-Work Balance, helps you master goals of any type, whether they are related to your personal life or your career such as movement, nutrition, sleep, stress/anxiety/burnout, self-care, or time management.

Life-Work Balance combines epigenetics with neuroscience and positive psychology, allowing you to boost your energy and focus, and increase your productivity and performance while you optimize your well-being. During the program, I’ll help you create customized habits and maintain momentum so that you can achieve your goals better and faster.

You can check out the program at the link above, and you can always schedule a complimentary Clarity Call with me to discuss more in detail and see if the program is right for you.

How often do you walk? Share with us below!

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