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My Reframe & Thrive program is all new!

I have great news to share: I just launched the newly revised and updated version of Reframe & Thrive which is providing even better results than before! A major improvement comes from the length of the program (8 weeks instead of 6), and a new section entirely dedicated to burnout.

Also, I’m honoring the same $ investment of the old version; make sure you apply before January 31, 2023 to take advantage of the special offer!

Reframe & Thrive helps you learn how the stress response works in our body and brain, identify the type of pressure you’re experiencing, and create your Reframe Toolkit with personalized strategies and techniques to reframe your stress response, prevent or reverse burnout, shift your mindset, build resilience, and reclaim your energy, purpose, focus, and joy in your life – not to mention precious time for sustained success.

Here’s a breakdown of the program:

Week 1: Your Stress Profile

  • Stress assessment
  • The brain on habits

Week 2: Tracking Your Stress

  • Creating your Reframe Portfolio (Journal, Recording)

Week 3: What is Stress?

  • How stress works
  • Effects of stress on health

Week 4: Types of Triggers

  • Types of stress triggers
  • Profile categories: Tolerance, Triggers, Vulnerability, Response

Week 5: Types of Pressure

  • Differences between stress, anxiety, burnout
  • Say NO to burnout

Week 6: Warning Signs

  • Physical, behavioral, emotional, and intellectual warning signs

Week 7: Anti-Stress Strategies

  • Guided coloring session (art therapy/mandala meditation)
  • Demos: Breathing exercises, mindfulness practices, body scan practices

Week 8: Your Reframe Roadmap

  • Setting your stress-free goals
  • Mapping out strategies and techniques for your Reframe Toolkit

The program includes:

  • Unlimited emails
  • Weekly 1-hour coaching sessions focused on personal and professional growth
  • Tips and strategies to implement immediately
  • Worksheets to implement strategies and take actionable steps
  • Habit Spreadsheets to track your progress
  • “Goodbye Stress!” e-guide with a list of stress warning signs and our body’s stress responses 

Check out the program (and sign up) HERE, and take advantage of the special offer until January 31, 2023!

I look forward to working with you!

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