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New blog series: #LifeWorkBalance

Happy Friday! I’m starting a new blog series dedicated to Life-Work Balance, something I’m very passionate about because it completely changed my life.

If you own a business like me you know how hard it is to balance your personal and professional life between work, family, and YOU.⠀

We live in a very fast-paced society where we are so busy with work, with family, we’re distracted by social media, we have too many things to do during the day. The 24 hours we all have available are never enough. Don’t you feel the same way?

People don’t realize there’s a tight connection between body and mind. When your body is in balance and feels good then work can get done because your energy, productivity and well-being improve. There’s much more than trying to find a few hours to relax. There’s much more than setting boundaries between you and your clients in order to achieve balance in your life. It all starts in your body (and in your brain).

In the next weeks, I will share more about these very important principles that I apply every single day thanks to my personal experience that definitely opened my eyes.

I will also guide you through five principles that will help you take control of your life from A to Z. Live better by improving your energy, being more productive, and getting things done without stressing out. Most of all, find the time for YOU!

How can life-work balance benefit you? If you’re used to that vicious cycle of work, work, work, and more work in order to reach your goals and accomplish everything you have on your to-do list, read on.

Maybe your day currently doesn’t allow extra time for anything else. No time for yourself, no time for a cooked-at-home meal, no time for friends, no time for a good night’s sleep. So, what happens is, you deprive your body of sleep because you’re extremely busy with family, with work, and you stay up late at night to finish whatever you need to do. Then, you sleep 4-5 hours and you get up the next morning ready to tackle another loooong day. You probably think that, by sleeping less, you will have more time to get things done. Sadly, that’s not the solution. When you deprive your body of necessary sleep, the next day you will need more hours to get things done because your mind is not able to function 100%. Sleep is not only a “resting” phase, sleep repairs and regenerates your cells, and it gets rid of toxins that build up in your brain during the day. It’s much more than “relaxing your body”. If you wake up with brain fog chances are, your toxins have not been properly removed. This can, in the long run, cause degenerative disease in your brain.

Avoiding exercise is also another mistake. It plays a very important role in your daily life: it is a natural stress reducer, it helps with the release of endorphins which trigger a positive feeling in the body, and it helps you become more productive. So, you feel like you’re taking away precious time from your busy schedule to exercise but, in fact, taking the time to be physically active gives your body and brain useful “tools” to be more productive and achieve goals in less time because you have more energy and you are more focused.

Don’t let this hectic life run you. Live your life with 100% of yourself. Put yourself first to achieve long-lasting results in your life and in your business.

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