sabrina cadini life work balance naps creative entrepreneurs business coaching productivity sleep eat time management energy focus

Life-Work Balance – Ep. 21: Do you take naps?

sabrina cadini life work balance naps creative entrepreneurs business coaching productivity sleep eat time management energy focus

Do you take naps? That’s great! Read on for great news…

People nowadays are sleep deprived because of their busy lifestyle. I’m sure it relates to many of you. We are inundated by things to do all the time, our days are never long enough, and we say YES too often, burdened by tasks and assignments – not only in our work but also with friends or family members.

If you visit the National Sleep Foundation’s website and you look for “napping” you will read the following:
“More than 85% of mammalian species are polyphasic sleepers, meaning that they sleep for short periods throughout the day.
Humans are part of the minority of monophasic sleepers, meaning that our days are divided into two distinct periods, one for sleep and one for wakefulness. It is not clear that this is the natural sleep pattern of humans. Young children and elderly persons nap, for example, and napping is a very important aspect of many cultures.”

When we’re sleep deprived we get sleepy and our brain starts functioning less. I’m sure you know about that feeling that hits us in the afternoon after lunchtime, we feel our eyelids very heavy, we slow down our pace, and the energy is gone! Maybe during a meeting, we feel the need to close our eyes because we’re tired from staying up late last night to prepare for that same meeting!
So what do we do? We usually rely on caffeine (not me, I don’t drink coffee) but that only helps temporarily.

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The best remedy to recharge quickly during the day is by taking naps. It turns out that napping is actually very beneficial to our body and our mind. Did you know that some American companies are changing their rules and now they instituted napping policies so they allow a daily nap? And that can also improve workplace safety because, not sleeping through the night can impair workers’ attention and memory and contribute to fatigue.

I personally don’t take naps. I rarely feel the need of taking a nap during the day because I probably sleep enough hours in the night, I eat healthy and clean foods, and I exercise regularly – all this helps me keep the energy up all day long. But when I do (which happens once every six months or so), I get very grumpy when I wake up so I decided to give up on naps!

Please watch my Periscope broadcast (below) where I explained the benefits of napping, the three categories of napping, and tips on how to maximize your “nap time” for a new you.

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