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Live Life Fully – Key Point #8

My new book, Live Life Fully, goes against work-life balance. Life should come first. You should come first in life. I will show you how to achieve Life-Work Balance by optimizing your body and brain with the help of well-being principles, neuroscience, positive psychology, mindfulness, and biohacking.

Key Point #8

Tips and Strategies: Create your own Life-Work Balance toolkit with biohacks to make positive changes to your lifestyle and feel your best

Are you ready to upgrade yourself? Live Life Fully will become your go-to guide to learn and apply very simple principles that will bring your life (and your business) to the next level.

In Live Life Fully, I gathered a list of tips and strategies, or biohacks, that focus on the 6-pillar framework of my Life-Work Balance coaching program: nutrition, sleep, movement, stress management, self-care, and mindset. The best part is that you can implement them immediately, and most of them are free. You already have most “tools” within your body or available in your daily life. Pretty cool, don’t you think?

You will be able to create your Life-Work Balance Toolkit by choosing the best techniques and working on a step-by-step plan that will allow you to gradually see outstanding results in life and in business.

Are you ready to upgrade yourself?

Pre-order Live Life Fully today and help me reach my goal: 500 copies in 30 days!

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