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Join me on the Create Holistic Happiness Online Conference

I’m truly honored to be one of the speakers at the Create Holistic Happiness Conference hosted by fellow coach Ashley Ghose.

The FREE 10-day event starts tomorrow, January 18, and I can’t wait to see you there!

This online event is for women who are ready to create more happiness and peace in their life and to stop letting their stress and burnout control their life.

My talk will focus on:
💖 Why burnout happens and how it’s different from stress, anxiety, and depression.
💖 How to recognize it.
💖 How to prevent it (before stress becomes chronic and unmanaged).
💖 How to reverse it

Other topics that will be covered:
💖 Understand that you are not alone. Everyone at some point went through a stressful time in their life, and you too can come out the other side, a happier, more fulfilled individual.
💖 How to recognize and connect to your spirituality to help decrease your stress level.
💖 Understand the importance of the mind-body connection and its impact on your overall health.
💖 How to recognize and understand that your perspective in life makes a huge impact on how you see the world and therefore how you interpret and ultimately deal with your stress.
💖 How to recognize your inner dialog, how it affects your daily emotions, and how decision-making impacts the person you are in the world.

Are you ready to live a happier and more peaceful life? Get your complimentary ticket today and start living and working better!

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