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Boost Your Energy (Video) – Episode 12 of Your Weekly Dose of Life-Work Balance

In this week’s video, I talked about mitochondria, something that we all have, linked to optimal function and longevity, and how we can boost those cells. Watch below!

We live in an era where medicine and science are making enormous progress every day, and researchers are now beginning to understand how targeting certain systems and functions in our body can slow the signs of aging. Isn’t this amazing?

One of these is related to mitochondria, those tiny organelles in most of our cells that are responsible for energy production. For these reasons they’re often called the powerhouses of our cells.

The healthier your mitochondria are, the more youthful energy you can experience. However, they can deteriorate because of those usual suspects in our modern life, and when they are damaged, mitochondria age our body faster, and they cause inflammation, leading to chronic disease.

In the video, I explained how mitochondria generate energy in our body, and I shared a few tips to keep them young and boost your energy. I hope you find them helpful!

I’m in love with our bodies and the way they function; they are such perfect and sophisticated machines, and they can do so much for us if we take good care of them! That’s why I love to help my clients improve the way their bodies work as much as I can together with coaching, because working on different areas allows them to make changes faster and achieve their goals better.

One of my programs that takes a closer look at how we function is reGENErate your lifestyle. With a simple DNA test, you get precious insights about your diet, nutrients, fitness, sleep, and stress based on your unique genetic profile, so that you can optimize yourself on all fronts. No more guesswork, just targeted solutions that allow you to get outstanding customized results. If you’re interested to know more, you’ll find the link in the info box below.

How do you boost your mitochondria? Share with us below!

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