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Stress, Anxiety, or Burnout? (Video) – Episode 20 of Your Weekly Dose of Life-Work Balance

In this week’s video, I talked about the different types of pressure in our daily lives and how you can better respond to them. If you always feel stressed out or anxious, this video is for you!

These types of pressure can affect your body, your thoughts, feelings, and your behavior in different ways because we all have different thresholds, and our genes are influenced in different ways. Also, while it’s true that some symptoms may overlap, these types of pressure are different from each other.
It’s certainly normal to experience some feelings of stress and anxiety at some point; actually, they can be helpful motivators. But when they’re unmanaged or unaddressed, they can take a toll on your physical and mental health leading to anxiety disorders, that about 40 millions of adults in America experience every year.

In the video, I shared how stress, anxiety, and burnout manifest themselves and tips to help you deal with pressure in a more conscious way without just reacting to it and repeating the same cycle over and over again. Stressors will always be there, it’s part of our life, and sometimes we can’t be in control of things around us, but we CAN be in control of our response.

If you’d like to get help from a life coach in making these changes, you may be interested in my program REFRAME & THRIVE, focused entirely on stress, anxiety, and burnout. It’s a 6-week program that will help you learn how the stress response works and its effects in your body and brain, identify the type of pressure you’re experiencing. recognize your triggers and become aware of how your body reacts to them. With that information in your hands, you can then create your Reframe Toolkit with personalized strategies and techniques to reframe your stress response, shift your mindset, build resilience, and reclaim your energy, purpose, focus, and joy in your life – not to mention precious time for sustained success.

What type of pressure do you usually experience in your daily life? Share with us below!

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