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Setting Boundaries Working from Home (Video) – Episode 28 of Your Weekly Dose of Life-Work Balance

In this week’s video, I shared some tips to help you set boundaries when working from home. If you are a human being (like all of us), you should have a life! Watch below.

If you work from home, you’re probably working more than when you were at the office, you spend less time on things that are equally important and, most of all, you spend less time with the people who matter in your life – family, friends. Working is necessary, and maybe you love what you do, but you should also have a life, and finding a balance between your work hours and your self-care and fun should be a must. I said “it should” because many people struggle with that. None of my clients has that balance in place when they hire me, and they beg me to help them live a fulfilled life while having a successful career!

Working from home certainly has benefits: flexibility and no commute. However, more flexibility means that your working time limits get blurred, and the absence of commuting blurs the lines between work and life even more. There’s no end to your workday, and you can get burned out before you know it.

In the video, I shared some tips that I hope will help you create or improve your life-work balance.

Setting boundaries between life and work can be very challenging, and it’s mostly because you’re not able to prioritize and organize the time we all have available. If that’s the case, you may be interested in working with me!

My signature coaching program, LIFE-WORK BALANCE, is a 6-month program that focuses on YOU, on the body-brain connection combined with epigenetics, neuroscience, and positive thinking, allowing you to optimize your inner resources and lead a healthier lifestyle while you:

  • Increase your energy
  • Boost your focus, performance, and productivity
  • Enhance your happiness, positivity, creativity
  • Become more successful and profitable

Check the program out or schedule a complimentary Clarity Call with me to discuss more in detail and see if Life-Work Balance is right for you.

How do you set boundaries while working from home? Share with us below!

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