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In this video, I help you find and verify credible sources of health and wellness information on social media and on the Internet, because it’s a jungle out there! Watch below.

We live in an era where false information seems to spread much faster than factual information, and this is a big issue when it comes to your wellness or your health. How can you trust the information you read online?

Are you one of those people who looks at dozens of website articles and social media posts in search of answers related to your health?
The best thing that can happen to you is finding contradicting information and tips, and you don’t really know which decision to make.
The worst that can happen to you is making dangerous decisions by following certain tips that are probably not right for you – or for anyone!

Given the abundance of information available on the Internet, you have to fact-check websites. There are red flags to watch out for when evaluating health information, such as sensational claims or testimonials, lack of references or sources, and conflicts of interest. You should NOT grab any information off the Internet just because it sounds believable or amazing.

In addition to the SIFT method (I created a story about this excellent 4-step process on Instagram), this video is packed with useful tips and resourceful links to help you find the most credible and trustworthy information you are looking for, and even how to read a research paper. This is how I conduct research in my coaching practice as well.

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