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What I hope for on World Cancer Day

“On World Cancer Day I hope prevention will be taken more into consideration by health practitioners to educate patients and make the world cancer-free. Many types of cancer CAN be prevented with a healthy lifestyle and the right foods”

On February 4, World Cancer Day reminds us of those who left us because of cancer, or are fighting against it. Some will succeed, some won’t. This day empowers all of us globally to show support, spread awareness, take personal action, and press our governments to do more.

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My hope on Cancer World Day is that conventional medicine will pay more attention to prevention instead of just treating with drugs. We can act before it’s too late, we can be in control of our health and of our future before cancer hits us – if it ever will. Take care of yourself more starting today, educate yourself on the available choices that allow you to be healthy and stay healthy. Our body is very strong and can sustain us, but we need to do our part. We need to feed our body with the right fuel and invest precious time in sleep and physical activity in order to let our body do the job of keeping us healthy and thriving in life.

Do you love yourself enough? Do you know how to take care of yourself?

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