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Live Life Fully – Key Point #5

My new book, Live Life Fully, goes against work-life balance. Life should come first. You should come first in life. I will show you how to achieve Life-Work Balance by optimizing your body and brain with the help of well-being principles, neuroscience, positive psychology, mindfulness, and biohacking.

Key Point #5

Stress Less: Identify the warning signs, discover your triggers at home, at work, and with technology, and shift your perspective

Stress is something that we all experience in our life, and it is often part of our everyday routine. When we try to fit everything between work, family, deadlines, our online presence, our social life, and time for ourselves, overwhelm comes, and we get stressed. Too much to do, not enough time!

You have to keep one thing in mind, though: Stress is not bad. It’s how we react to it that can harm us.

Do you know that stress can change our gene expression, cause brain damage, shut down our immune system, increase inflammation, cause belly fat, and more?

Don’t let stress ruin your life just because of the wrong lifestyle, negative patterns, or negative beliefs! You should start saying NO to stress, worry, and anxiety today. That way, you can create a happier future for yourself and for those around you.

In Live Life Fully, you will learn what stress does to your body and brain and how to upgrade yourself by regaining control of your life. I will also explain the differences between stress, burnout, and anxiety.

I gathered a list of warning signs from years of coaching busy professionals that you will probably recognize in your day-to-day activities. You might not even notice those symptoms because you feel they are a “normal” part of your everyday life, but your body and brain are clearly trying to tell you something.

Once you are able to recognize the signs of stress on your body and your brain, Live Life Fully will help you identify your triggers, be conscious of your biological reaction (frequently referred to as the ‘fight or flight’ response), shift your mindset, and implement solutions and techniques that will rewire your brain (with neuroplasticity) and establish new habits that will bring back energy, purpose, and joy to your life for sustained success in business!

Pre-order Live Life Fully today and help me reach my goal: 500 copies in 30 days!

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