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Therapeutic journaling: is it for you? (Video) – Your Monthly Dose

In this video, you will discover the transformative power of therapeutic journaling, and how the practice can benefit your life and enhance your well-being. Watch below!

Therapeutic journaling, often referred to as writing therapy, is a versatile and accessible tool in our hectic life, and it offers a range of benefits. If you ever faced trauma, extreme stress or anxiety, this type of expressive writing can have a profound healing effect.

Keep in mind that trauma can encompass a wide range of experiences, including those from childhood, and it can become stored in the mind, but most significantly, in the body. To heal, we often need to process these experiences, and research has demonstrated that documenting traumatic experiences can lead to improved health outcomes, enhanced immune system function, and the discovery of personal meaning in these experiences. This is why journaling can be a valuable tool in this journey, facilitating the release and understanding of stored trauma, and providing a pathway to self-discovery and emotional well-being.

There are three ways to engage in therapeutic journaling that I usually recommend to my clients: gratitude, scripting, and shadow work. In the video, I shared their benefits and tips to start and stay consistent with therapeutic journaling. I would suggest that you explore each one and consider which resonates with you most, or you can even integrate all three into your journaling routine for amplified therapeutic results.

If you find carving out time for important daily activities, like journaling, challenging, you should consider working with me!

My signature coaching program, Life-Work Balance, helps you master goals of any type, whether they pertain to your personal life or your career – from establishing effective routines to enhancing physical activity, optimizing nutrition, improving sleep, prioritizing self-care, managing stress and anxiety, and time.

Life-Work Balance seamlessly integrates the latest insights from epigenetics, neuroscience, chronobiology, and positive psychology. This unique blend not only supercharges your energy and focus but also amplifies productivity and performance, all while enhancing your overall well-being. Throughout the program, I will work closely with you to craft customized habits and maintain the momentum needed to help you achieve your goals more efficiently and effectively.

You can find more information at the link above, and you can always schedule a complimentary Clarity Call with me where we can discuss more in detail and see if this is the right program for you.

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